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Is your data on the Dark Web? Find out now for free, know-how


Dark Web: Google has recently launched a new feature, named Dark Web Report feature. Earlier this feature was available only to those people who used Google One by paying money. But now the good news is that this feature can now be used for free. Google is expanding this feature to all users. Let us tell you about this feature in detail. 

What is this Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a hidden part of the Internet that cannot be searched on common search engines. To view it, a special Tor browser is required. 

What does this dark web report feature do?

This feature goes to the dark web and finds out whether any information like your email, password, etc. is being found. This means that your information is not being used for any wrong purpose. This feature is especially for those who use Gmail, Android, and other Google products. 

In the free report, you will be told whether your name, email, phone number, username, password, or any other information has been found on the dark web or not. However, some special benefits are still available only to those people who subscribe to Google One by paying money. These include keeping an eye on the dark web at all times, searching for information beyond emails, and getting notified when new information is received.

How to use the Dark Web Report feature?

1. First of all, update the Google app in your smartphone.

2. Then click on your profile picture.

3. After this select the option of Dark Web Report.

4. Then press the (Run Scan) button on the next page.

5. Wait for the scan to complete and then view the report.

6. If any threat is found in the report, Google will tell you how you can make your account secure. If you do not see this option in the Google app, then go to and log in with your account and turn on the Dark Web report from there.