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iPhone users beware! Has this message come on your phone too? Delete it immediately or else your account will be emptied.


iPhone Parcel Scam: Online fraudsters adopt new tricks every day to cheat innocent common people. Many times people lose their life's earnings by falling prey to these frauds. One such fraud is happening with iPhone users these days, in which they are being fooled by giving them the pretext of a 'fake parcel'. Let's know what this fraud is and how to avoid it.

CyberDost, the social media platform of the Ministry of Home Affairs, said that iPhone users are being sent a fake message of parcels from India Post. In this message, it is being claimed that a parcel of the user is stuck in the warehouse of the postal department.

In the message, the user is told that due to the incomplete delivery address, their parcel is not being delivered to the correct address and they are also given a link to update the complete address.

The whole game happens with this link sent in the message. As soon as the user clicks on this link, their important information is shared with the online fraudster.

Due to your slightest carelessness, you can become a victim of a big fraud. Many iPhone users have shared such information on social media, in which they have been cheated like this.

As soon as you receive any such fake message, you should delete this message. By doing this, you avoid clicking on this fake link even by mistake.