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iPhone Tips: It is easy to change the iPhone passcode, nothing will be deleted..

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Apple has been in the world for many years, but even today it is difficult to break into the security of Apple iPhone. If you want to change the passcode of the iPhone, but there is a risk of the iPhone data being deleted, then you do not need to panic.

There is a way, through which the passcode of the iPhone will change and the iPhone will not even have to be reset. In this way, all the data of the phone will be safe. First of all, enter the wrong passcode 5 times on the lock screen of the iPhone. After this, the message iPhone is not available will appear on the iPhone screen.

Then users have to click on the option of Enter Old Passcode, this option will take them to a different screen. After this, enter the old passcode on the next screen. Then you will get the option to change the passcode. After this, enter the new passcode and unlock the iPhone.

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