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Investment: Deposit 6 rupees every day in the names of children in this scheme of Post Office, you will get lakhs on maturity...

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Post Office Scheme: Every parent is worried about their children's education as well as their good future. If you are also worried about your child's future, then do not delay, you can invest in them by knowing this scheme of the post office. We are giving you information about this special scheme of the post office related to your child which can prove useful for your child in the future. The name of this scheme is Bal Jeevan Bima Yojana.

Child Life Insurance Scheme (Bal Jeevan Bima Yojana)-

  In this era of inflation, raising children and providing good education has become very expensive. In such a situation, if you are worried about your child's future and are thinking of investing, then you can invest in the Child Life Insurance Scheme of the Post Office. This is a good scheme for the post office. The most important thing is that under this scheme, by investing just Rs 6, you can get lakhs of rupees for your child's education and other needs.

What is the plan-

The child Life Insurance Scheme of the Post Office comes under Rural Postal Life Insurance. The government has made this scheme, especially for children. Parents can buy this scheme in the name of their children. Only he can be made the nominee. Under this scheme, a premium ranging from Rs 6 to Rs 18 has to be deposited per day. Parents can pay the premium on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis. In the Child Life Insurance Scheme, a sum assured benefit of Rs 1 lakh is given on maturity. If a policyholder has purchased this policy for 5 years, then he will have to pay a premium of Rs 6 per day. Let us tell you, this scheme covers only children between 5 to 20 years of age.


Only children can be made nominees in this scheme.

To buy child life insurance, the age of the parents of the children should not be more than 45 years.

Only children between 5 to 20 years old get the benefit of the scheme.

At the age of 5 years, a premium of Rs 6 has to be deposited daily.

At the same time, if the age of the child is 20 years, then a premium of Rs 18 will have to be deposited every day.

Benefits of Child Life Insurance Scheme-

On maturity of the child life insurance scheme, the entire amount is paid to the policyholder.

If the parents die before the completion of the plan, the child will not have to pay the premium.

Whereas if the child dies, the sum assured is paid to the nominee.

Only two children of a family get the benefit of this scheme.

Documents for Child Life Insurance Scheme-

Aadhar card of parents

child's aadhar card

child's birth certificate

residence certificate

mobile number

passport size photo

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