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Internet Tips: The Internet is running slow, take care of the WiFi router in summer like this..

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The scorching summer can wreak havoc not only on you but also on your electronics. In such a situation, your Wi-Fi router is also not untouched by this. Internet speed can be slow due to a hot router, connections can be broken and buffering problems can occur.

In such a situation, if you are also facing this problem, then we will tell you how you can keep your Wi-Fi router cool and use fast internet even in summer.

Install in the right place?
Avoid keeping your router in direct sunlight or near heat sources like vents or gaming consoles. Choose a ventilated place with good air circulation.

The router generates heat, so keep your router elevated from the ground on a shelf or strong stand.

Keep the airflow right
Maintain at least a few inches of space around the router, so that there is proper airflow. Do not fill it with books, decorations, or other electronics.

Dust accumulation can work to block heat. To avoid overheating, clean your router regularly with a compressed air can.

Pay attention to ventilation
Some routers have built-in ventilation fans. If your router has fans, make sure they are not covered with dust or dirt.
Like any electronic device, a periodic reboot keeps your router working properly.
Restart your router once a week or more to clear its memory and potentially improve performance.
If you are going on vacation or not going to be using your Wi-Fi for a while, consider turning off your router completely. This will save energy and prevent unnecessary heat.
By following these simple tips, you can keep your Wi-Fi router cool and ensure a smooth, trouble-free internet experience all summer long!

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