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Insurance Tips- Are passengers in government buses insured like trains, know its details


Traveling is an integral part of life, whether it is for sightseeing, important work or everyday work, we have to travel, for which we can use private vehicles, trains, and buses, we all know that the railway department provides insurance to the passengers, then the question arises in the mind whether passengers get insurance in government buses as well, let's know complete information about it-

Passenger Insurance in Indian Railways

Indian Railways provides the option of travel insurance while booking tickets. This insurance covers passengers in case of accidents, ensuring that they get compensation from the government.

Insurance in Government Buses

The provision of passenger insurance in railways is well known, the scenario for government buses is less clear and varies from state to state. Here is a detailed look at how insurance works in government buses:

State-specific insurance arrangements:

Each state in India has different arrangements for the insurance system for government buses. There is no uniform policy across the country, and the insurance coverage and compensation amount can vary significantly from state to state.

Compensation in case of accident:

If a passenger is injured or dies in a road accident while traveling in a government bus, the state government often provides compensation. However, the amount and the procedure for claiming this compensation may vary from state to state.

Insurance charges on tickets:

Some state transport corporations include nominal insurance charges in the ticket fare. For example, the Transport Corporation (Roadways) charges a minimum of 50 paise and a maximum of 2.5 paise for accident insurance on each ticket.

Compensation amount:

In case of an accident involving a UP Roadways bus, the transport corporation provides a compensation of ₹500,000. To avail of this insurance scheme, passengers have to pay ₹1, which is included in the ticket fare.

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