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Insurance Policy- Do you know how to get insurance money when the house is destroyed by an earthquake, let's know.


Friends, floods, earthquakes, rain, storms, etc. are natural phenomena, that no one can stop, when an earthquake occurs, many big buildings collapse like a pack of cards, causing loss of life and property, in such a situation, many people get their house insured, but a common question arises in the minds of people, does home insurance cover losses caused by natural disasters like earthquake, flood or tsunami? Many people are unaware of the details about insurance coverage in such scenarios. Today we will tell you about it through this article-

Natural Disaster Coverage:

Many modern home insurance policies include coverage for natural disasters. This coverage compensates for both structural damage to the house and loss of personal belongings.

Eligibility for Compensation:

Only those homeowners who have a home insurance plan with a natural disaster clause are eligible for compensation. If you do not have home insurance, or your policy does not include natural disaster coverage, you will not get compensation for such losses.

Buying home insurance:

When buying home insurance, make sure the policy includes natural disaster coverage. Verify the details with your insurance provider to ensure comprehensive protection for your home.