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Instagram Update: You will see non-skippable ads even when you watch reels on Instagram..

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Meta-owned Instagram keeps rolling out new features to improve the user experience. Many times users like the new features of Instagram. However, the feature that is being introduced this time.

Not many people will like it. Because the Ad Break feature can be introduced on Instagram. There is not much information about it. However, some users have shared its screenshots.

The new feature will be available on Instagram
According to the report, Instagram is working on a new feature these days. After the rollout of this feature, users will see ads while watching reels. They cannot be skipped either. Instagram has not given information about this feature.

But, many users have talked about it on Reddit. Some users have also sought information about Instagram's alternative apps. After getting an Ad Break, creators can benefit from the advertisements shown while watching reels.

Will users be disappointed?
Some users are upset with this feature of Instagram. Even though nothing has been said by the company about it. But still, users have started posting against it. Most users are disappointed with this feature of Instagram. The screenshots that have surfaced show that users will see 3 to 5 seconds of non-skippable ads.

Creators will benefit
After getting this feature, common users may face problems. But this feature can prove to be useful for creators. If non-skippable ads are seen here, then obviously creators will have fun. Here they will get the option to earn money just like YouTube.

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