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Instagram Tips: Users can get huge benefits with the help of the Instagram app, know here...

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The popular social media platform Instagram, which comes under Meta, is expanding its scope very fast. Instagram reel feature is popular in most of the classes, due to this feature the company earns well. Also, the company has such a large user base due to this reason. But there are many such features of this platform, which not every user knows about.

This feature is great for users.
Instagram's Quiet Mode is a great feature. Many users who use Instagram also do not know about this feature properly. Social media platform Instagram has designed this feature in such a way that with its help users can take a break from the platform at any time. If you do not know, then know further how Instagram helps users.

Use of Instagram Quiet Mode
After starting Instagram Quiet Mode, all notifications are turned off. After starting this feature, the user does not get any information about likes, comments, and messages.

As soon as Instagram Quiet Mode is started, the user's profile also changes. After turning on this feature, the label In Quit Mode appears on the profile. In this way, the other person comes to know that the user is not present on Instagram at the moment.

Through Instagram Quit Mode, the time spent on the app can be managed. In this way, you can reduce your screen time.

Use Instagram Quit Mode in this way.
Open the Instagram app on a smartphone or other device.

After this, the tab on your profile is given on the side of the screen.

Then go to the menu by clicking on the three dots and click on Settings.

Go to Settings find Quit Mode and click on it.

After getting the option of Quit Mode, turn on its tongue.

Instagram Schedule Quit
Along with Instagram Quit Mode, Instagram Schedule Quit Mode is also available. Through this feature, users can easily stay away from Instagram for some time. In such a situation, you will easily get some distance from the app in between work. For this, you will not have to go to Instagram again and again. You just have to start this feature once.

Access will continue to be available.
On the other hand, if you want to turn off Instagram Quiet Mode, then its process is completely the same. After reaching Quit Mode, finally you have to turn off the tongue. Let us tell you here that even after starting Instagram Quiet Mode, users can easily keep access.

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