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Instagram Tips: Messages will disappear from Instagram, turn on this setting to prevent private conversations from getting leaked..

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If a private conversation between two people is known to a third person, it can cause a big problem.

If you use social media platforms especially, then you should know about Instagram's Vanish Mode.

What is Vanish Mode on Instagram?
Vanish Mode is available on Instagram. This is the setting with which the messages disappear after the chat is over.

If you keep Vanish Mode on in the chat, then you will not have the problem of privacy leaks regarding anything you say or hear. All these messages will disappear as soon as the chat is over.

When should Vanish Mode be used?
It is not necessary to use Vanish Mode for chatting with every other user on Instagram. This mode should be used only when some kind of private conversation is being done with another user.

Vanish Mode is useful for such chats whose discovery by a third person can create problems for two people.

How to use Vanish Mode on Instagram

First of all, you have to open the Instagram app.

Now you have to come to the chat page of the other user with whom you are talking privately.

Now before chatting, you have to swipe the screen upwards.

By doing this, the screen becomes active for Vanish Mode.

When the mode is on, its information is available on the screen that you are on Vanish Mode.

After the chat is completed, the sent messages will disappear.

The way to turn off Vanish Mode on Instagram is also very easy. If you have turned on Vanish Mode and now want to come out of it, then you have to swipe up the screen again as before. By doing this, Vanish Mode will be turned off.

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