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Instagram Tips: How to find an Instagram password without resetting it on Android and iPhone, the process is simple..

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There are not one or two but many such apps on our smartphones, which require a login ID and password to use. In such a situation, remembering the passwords of all the apps is a difficult task.

If the same has happened with your Instagram account, whose password you have forgotten, then there is no need to worry. Because there are some methods following which the password can be found without resetting.

Find the password without resetting
To find the password without resetting it, you have to follow some easy steps. But, before that, you have to ensure that the password has been saved while creating the account. If this has been done, then the password will be found in the Chrome Password Manager.

Process for Android
Step 1- First of all you have to open the 'Settings App'. Scroll here and tap on the Google option.

Step 2- Here you will see Manage Your "Google Account", tap on it.

Step 3- Scroll to the side in the menu above and tap on the Security option next to "Data and Privacy".

Step 4- Scroll down. Tap on "Password Manager" here.

Step 5- You will see the details of all the apps whose passwords you have saved.

Step 6- Now click on the app whose password you want to know.

Step 7- Enter your PIN or pattern. After this, both the password and email ID will be visible here. Tap on the view icon to know.

Here you can also edit and delete them.
Process for iPhone

To know the password in the iPhone without resetting, you have to follow the same process. The condition for this is also that the password has been saved in Chrome while creating the account.

First of all open the settings and tap on the Google option.

After this click on the security option.

The password manager option will appear here. Tap on it.

From now on you have to follow the same steps which are for Android.

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