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Instagram Tips: You can run 5 accounts simultaneously in the Instagram app, understand how?


You too must be using Instagram, but do you know how many accounts can be added to the Instagram app? From the official information given on the Help Center page of Instagram, information has been received about how many accounts can be added simultaneously to the app.

Meta's photo-video sharing platform is quite popular among Instagram users. There would be many people who would not even know about the secret features hidden in the Instagram app. Do you know how many Instagram accounts can be added to one Instagram app?

If you also think that you can add only one account to the Instagram app, then it is not so. According to the official information given on Instagram Help Center, you can easily add 5 Instagram accounts to the app.

If you also want to add a new account to the Instagram app, then stay with us, today we will give you information about what type of account can be added to the app.

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How to Add an Instagram Account

To add an account in the Instagram app, open the app and then click on the profile picture shown below. After clicking on the profile picture, tap on your existing Instagram ID shown at the top.

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As soon as you tap on the Instagram ID, you will see the Add Instagram Account option. As soon as you tap on the add account, two options will appear, Log In and Create New Account.

How to Switch Between Instagram Account

After adding an Instagram account, if you want to switch from one account to another, then for this you will have to open the Instagram app. After opening the app, tap on the profile picture shown below and then click on the Instagram ID shown above.

As soon as you click on the Instagram username, you will start seeing all the accounts that you have added to the Instagram app. To switch, you just have to click on the username you want to switch to.