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Instagram Reel: Reel deleted by mistake? Recover instantly with this secret feature of Instagram


Instagram Features: Have you ever accidentally deleted an Instagram post or reel? So do you know that you can also bring back deleted posts or Instagram reels? Shocked, but it is true that even once deleted, a reel or post can be easily recovered, let us know how.

Ever since TikTok was banned in India, the trend of reels on Instagram has increased a lot. It might have happened to you at some point or the other that some of your important posts or some of your important reels on Instagram might have been deleted. Just regretting something that gets deleted by mistake won't help, you should think about how to bring back a reel or Instagram post that has been deleted by mistake.

One thing to be noted here is that you can recover the post or Instagram reel only within 30 days. Let us know what is the way to recover.

How to Restore Deleted Instagram Reel: Recover it like this

First of all, open the Instagram App on your phone. After opening the Instagram App, you will have to tap on your profile photo shown at the bottom right side.

After clicking on the profile photo, tap on the three-line icon visible on the top right side. After tapping on the three lines icon, you will have to go to the How You Use Instagram section.

In the How You Use Instagram section, you will have to click on the option of Your Activity. As soon as you click on your activity, you will see many options.

You people have to click on the Recently Deleted option in the Removed and Archived Content section. After tapping on the recent delete option, you can recover whatever post or reel you have deleted by mistake recently.

In the recent delete option, you will see two sections, one for posts and the other for reels. For example, if you want to recover a post, then click on that post and then click on the three dots visible on the top right side of the post, you will get the Restore option.

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