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Instagram New Feature: You will be able to enjoy the new feature of Instagram before your friends, you just have to do this work..

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Instagram is working on a new feature. In this, users will get the experience of using the feature even before its official release. This feature will work just like WhatsApp beta testers.

Instagram has named this feature as Early Access to Feature. Here users will be able to give their feedback along with the experience.

The feature will be available before the official release
Instagram is bringing this feature to improve the user experience. Just like WhatsApp beta testers get the feature even before its launch. Similarly, now this feature will be available on Instagram as well. Those who want to use this feature of Instagram can download the app through the Android Beta program.

When will the feature be available?
Instagram has not officially said anything about this feature. But in the coming few weeks it can be rolled out for all users. Currently, this feature is in the testing phase. For more information, we will have to wait for the official update. Meta has introduced this feature for some selected users. The purpose of the platform behind doing this is to resolve the problems of the users as quickly as possible.

This feature is also expected to be available
Apart from this, Instagram is working on another new feature, which will be an AI-powered theme. Currently, users get the option of customizable themes. A screenshot that has surfaced shows that the Create with AI option will be available in it.