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Instagram New Algorithm Update: The new rules of Instagram will brighten your luck, and there will be a shower of followers!


Instagram has announced a new algorithm, if you use Instagram then definitely know about these changes.

Instagram Algorithm Pics Credit: Unsplash\/Freepik

There are five major changes under the new algorithm, users with fewer followers will get a big benefit from them.

5 big changes

If you post duplicate content more than 10 times in 30 days, your post will be out of recommendation, so post original content.

Duplicate Content

Reposting someone else's post will also be removed from the recommendation, only the original content creator will be shown in the recommendation.


Accounts posting original content will be labeled, on sharing the original post the label will let us know whose post it is.

Original content creator label

Those who run celebrity fan pages or post photos taken from somewhere on Instagram will be warned twice.

Celebrity fan page

Posts from smaller content creators with fewer followers will be visible to a smaller audience, which will help increase followers.