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Instagram brings great features, users are getting this special feature for the first time


Instagram: Instagram often brings new features for its users. So that the experience of the users can be made better. Once again Instagram has brought a new feature for the users. Which is going to benefit the users a lot. This feature is related to messages or chats. So let's know about this special feature of Instagram in detail:

Instagram brings great features

Instagram has brought a special feature for its users. Now you can read the message of the users in front without anyone knowing. To use this feature, you have to do some settings. With which you can also use this feature. Instagram is a very popular app of today's time, using which you can easily chat with friends and make reels. Let us tell you that, there are many such secret features on Instagram about which very few people will know. One of which is the option to read chat secretly.

Through this, you can read your friend's DM without them knowing. However, for this, you will have to do some settings. Even after reading the message through this feature, the Read Receipt tick will not appear below on Instagram. This feature of Instagram is like the feature of WhatsApp in which you can read the message and there are no blue ticks on the message. Like WhatsApp, you can use this secret feature on Instagram as well.

Instagram has recently added the Read Receipts feature. In this feature, whether you want to give information to the other users about the message you have read or not will depend on you. In such a situation, if you have read your message, then you just have to make a small change in the settings of Instagram. For this, you have to follow some steps.

First of all, you have to open the Instagram app and then log in.

Then after this, you have to go to the DM section.

Now you have to open your chat whose message you want to read quickly.

After this, now you have to click on the small arrow appearing next to the Username appearing on the top.

After this a new page will open in front of you and inside it you will see the option of Privacy and Safety on which you have to click.

Now after this, you will get the option of Read Receipts, whose toggle will be on.

You just have to click on it and turn off Read Receipts.

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