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Income Tax Update: Important news for crores of taxpayers, The Income Tax Department started this special service..

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The Income Tax Department has introduced a new feature on its e-filing portal to ease the problems of taxpayers. With the help of this new feature, it will be much easier for taxpayers to track pending tax proceedings. This tab named e-Proceedings will help taxpayers to track notices (Income Tax Notice), letters (Income Tax Letter), and intimations (Income Tax Intimation) issued by the Income Tax Department. That is, by clicking on this new tab, taxpayers will be able to track all the pending tax proceedings in one place.

You will not have to visit the tax office again and again

This will bring great ease to the taxpayers and they will not have to make repeated trips to the Income Tax Office. Through the 'e-Proceedings' tab, registered users will be able to view and respond to various notices and communications issued by the Assessing Officials, Central Processing Center (CPC), or any other income tax authority.

Use it like this

These include Defective Notice under Section 139 (9), Intimation under Section 245, Prima Facie Adjustments under Section 143 (1) (a), and Suo Moto Rectification under Section 154. To use this feature, users will have to visit the e-filing portal and log in with their credentials. From the dashboard, users can access the 'Pending Actions' section and then go to 'e-Proceedings'. Users can then choose whether they want to respond to them as an individual or as an authorized representative.

To use this service, users will need an active PAN, a valid user ID, and a password for the e-filing portal. Additionally, the Authorized Representative may need to be authorized to act on behalf of taxpayers, and, in some cases, an active TAN may also be required. Surely this new feature will provide a lot of relief to the taxpayers. This will not only save their time but will also make it easier for them to track and respond to tax-related information.

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