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Income Tax Tips: Fill ITR even if you are not covered under Income Tax, you will get these 5 big benefits..

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Benefits Of Filing ITR- The time has come to file an Income Tax Return (ITR) for the financial year 2023-24 and assessment year 2023-24. Very few people in India come under the ambit of income tax. Therefore, the number of people filing ITR returns here is much less. People whose annual income does not come under the tax net can also file ITR. There is no harm in filing returns, rather there is only a benefit.

Considering the benefits of filing ITR, financial advisors advise filing income tax returns even to those people whose income does not come under the ambit of income tax. You can get many benefits from this in future. ITR is very useful while taking a loan, starting a business, getting a visa to any country, or sending children to study abroad.

Income Tax Return (ITR) is a solid proof of any person's income. All government and private institutions accept it as income proof. The person filing ITR gets any kind of loan including a car, loan, or home loan quickly.

ITR receipts are solid proof of your income. If you are going to another country, you may be asked to provide proof of your income when you apply for a visa. Since ITR is a solid proof of income, you can easily get a visa by presenting it. ITR assures the authorities of the other country that you can bear the expenses of your travel.

Now even insurance companies have started asking for ITR receipts from those taking big-term plans. They rely on ITR to know the source of income of the insurer and to check its regularity.

ITR is also very helpful for those investing in shares or mutual funds. In case of loss in these, it is necessary to carry forward the loss to the next year and file an income tax return. Next year, if there is capital gain, the loss will be adjusted against the profit and this will give you the benefit of tax exemption.

Even if your income does not come under the ambit of income tax, TDS is deducted for some reason. In such a situation, you will get a refund only when you file RTR. Only after the ITR is filed, the Income Tax Department assess whether you have tax liability or not.

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