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Income Tax Return: Income taxpayers will get 4 big benefits, not everyone knows this..

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Income Tax Return: The last date for filing an Income Tax Return (ITR) is about to come. You are advised to file your ITR before the last date i.e. 31st July, because around 31st July many people will file their ITR and due to the increase in load on the site, it becomes slow.

Therefore, complete this work as soon as possible. Yes, apart from this you also have many benefits of filing an Income Tax Return. You will also be surprised to know these benefits.

Filing ITR is a profitable deal-

Filing an income tax return is a beneficial deal for you in many cases. Although some people use some trick or the other to avoid tax, we tell you why paying tax is beneficial for you. If you do not file ITR then on some occasions it can become a big problem for you. Let us know about the benefits of filing income tax.

1. Helpful in taking a loan from the bank-

Any bank or financial institution looks at your income before giving a loan. The ITR filed by you is the biggest proof of this. This is how your income is estimated. Many financial institutions give loans only based on the information entered in your ITR. Therefore, if you also want to take a loan then ITR will prove helpful.

2. Beneficial in increasing business-

If you already do business then ITR will prove to be very helpful for you. Let us tell you that government departments or big companies prefer to buy any product from those businessmen who have been filing ITR for the last three to four years. If you are filing ITR, it will also help you in expanding your business in the future.

3. Convenience in investing in property-

Filing income tax returns helps you in buying and selling a house, depositing large amounts in the bank, and investing in mutual funds. If the ITR filer invests a large amount in mutual funds or deposits a large amount in the bank, then there is no risk of getting a notice from the Income Tax Department. Apart from this, you are not inquired about even after purchasing the property.

4. Ease of taking bigger insurance cover-

Apart from taking a loan from the bank, if you take a big insurance cover for yourself and your family, then ITR is also beneficial for you. The reason for this is that many insurance companies ask for ITR. The bigger your ITR, the bigger the cover you are likely to get. From this, the regularity of your income is estimated.

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