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Important Document- An Indian must have these documents, and know about them

pan and adhaar

There are various documents for various works in India, which are mandatory for you, if you are driving, or traveling abroad, then you must have these documents, which will be useful to you in times of trouble like if the police stop you or you have an accident, then many questions will arise in your mind, such as whether you have a driving license or not, whether the vehicle is registered or not or whether you have an Aadhar card or not. Without these, you can be a victim of paying a penalty or fine, let's know about them-

Aadhar Card:

Aadhar card is very important for every Indian, without Aadhar you can apply for government schemes, SIM card has to be taken from this, it is used for address proof, there are various works for which an Aadhar card is necessary, apart from this, if you do not have ATM or cash, then you can use your Aadhar card to withdraw money.

Driving License:

If you are driving, the most important document you need is your driving license. It proves that you are legally allowed to drive. If you are stopped by the traffic police or you meet with an accident, this is the first thing you will be asked about.

Ration Card:

Ration cards are issued by the state government to the citizens of their state to avail of the National Food Security Scheme. This card is essential for Indian citizens to buy subsidized food grains, wheat, sugar, and kerosene.

Educational Documents:

It is important to keep your highest educational documents with you. These documents can help you to avail various government schemes and apply for various posts in various departments.

PAN Card:

Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is issued by the Income Tax Department to Indian citizens aged 18 years or above. The same department also provides PAN cards to citizens living abroad and foreigners who stay in India for more than 182 days during a financial year.

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