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Important Alert For Tax Payers: first know the important information about Income Tax Notice and Form 16..

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The time for Income Tax Return Filing has come and at this time it is most important that Form 16 (ITR Form 16) is with you. But when do salaried taxpayers get Form 16 and what should they do if they do not get Form 16, how correct is it to fill out ITR without Form 16, know the answer to every question through CNBC Awaaz's special show Tax Guru.

Fill out ITR only after receiving Form 16

On this, tax expert Gauri Chadha said that Form 16 is a very important document, hence one should wait for it before filling ITR. If you have income from your salary then you must wait for Form 16. Now the question is when will you get Form 16?

When will I get Form 16?

The last date for TDS return filing for employers is 30 May 2024. When they file returns at the end of May, they will be able to give you Form 16 by June 15. That means you should get Form 16 by 15th June.

Tax notice may come in case of a mismatch

However, you can file an income tax return even without Form 16 because you already have complete information like your salary slip is also with you, with the help of which you can file the return. But if there is any difference in such cases, then you may also get an Income Tax Notice.

Form 16 can also be fake

When you receive Form 16 from the employer, the first thing you have to do is check whether it is correct or not. You need Form 17 issued by the government from the Traces website. In this, check the Traces logo, your name, and PAN number. Try matching it with AIS/26AS. Also check whether deducted TDS has been deposited or not.

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