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WhatsApp tips: If your Whatsapp account has been blocked then know how you can recover it.


Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been facing problems with his WhatsApp account recently. The actor told on the social media platform that his WhatsApp account is not working properly. He has also appealed to the company to fix it. Now the question arises how does WhatsApp account get blocked and how can it be recovered?

There can be many reasons behind WhatsApp accounts being blocked or banned. Sometimes this happens unintentionally, while sometimes it may be done intentionally by the company. Keeping user security in mind, the company keeps releasing various features and updates. In this, those accounts are blocked which are engaged in spreading wrong information or rumors among the people. Additionally, if users repeatedly block your account, it may also result in your account being blocked.

How can the account be recovered?

If your number has been blocked or your WhatsApp account has been restricted, here's how you can recover it. First, you need to email WhatsApp and submit a request in the review section of the app. In this process, WhatsApp will review your case and contact you after review. When you place a review request in the app, you will need to enter the 6-digit registration code that you will receive via SMS. Once you enter this registration code, you will need to submit the request and provide details about your support case.

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