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If you run AC, keep these 5 things in mind, and your electricity bill will be reduced.


AC Using Tips For Reduce Electricity Bill: If you run AC in these ways, then the electricity bill of your house will start reducing. So let's know what are these methods that you have to use.

AC Using Tips For Reduce Electricity Bill: Monsoon has knocked in many states of India these days. It is raining heavily in many states. Due to rain, people have got relief from the heat. But still, the heat has not reduced so much that people do not have to use AC at home. That is why people still have to use AC in their homes.

But due to the use of AC, the electricity bill of people's houses is coming very high. That is why today we will tell you some such methods, using which if you run AC, then the electricity bill of your house will start reducing. So let's know which methods you have to use.

Run AC at 24 degrees.

When it is very hot, AC has to be run at a lower temperature, but many people are running AC at a temperature of 18 to 20 even in the rainy season. This is not right, if you do this, the electricity bill will be high. The heat has reduced due to rain. In such a situation, the temperature of AC should be kept above 24 degrees.

If AC is run at a temperature of 24 to 26 in this season. Even then the AC will give a sufficient amount of cool air. On the one hand, you will also get cool air from the AC. And your home's electricity bill will also be less. Experts also recommend running the AC at 24 degrees.

Keep turning it off in between

While it is not so hot in this season. Then you should not use AC for a long time. Because the longer you run the AC, the higher your electricity bill will be. That is why it is right to run AC at some intervals. If you are running the AC for three hours.

So you should turn off the AC for some time after that. Because running the AC in the room keeps the room cool for some time. Turning off the AC also gives rest to the AC. At the same time, it also affects the electricity bill of your house.

Run a fan along with it.

When you use the AC, keep running the fan along with it. This will keep the air of the AC spreading throughout the room. And this will not require you to run the AC for a long time. Because the fan will keep the spread air from reaching the room. If the fan keeps blowing air, then the AC will also not have to work hard to cool the room. This will also reduce electricity consumption.

Keep the door closed.

When you are using the AC, then you have to take special care that the door of the room is completely closed. Because if the door of the room remains open, the cold air will keep going out. And this will require running the AC for a longer time. That is why when you run it, keep the door of the room completely closed so that the cold air remains inside the room.

Switch off the AC when you go out

It is often seen that when people go out, they leave it on or switch it off with the remote. If you go out for a long time, switch off the AC with a proper switch. This will not consume electricity. Because if it is not switched off, it keeps consuming a small amount of electricity somewhere.

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