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If you need emergency funds, or how to arrange money quickly, these solid methods will come in handy.


If you need money in an emergency and nothing works, then the loan is the only option to fulfill the need. Here know those methods which can be helpful for you in an emergency.

Emergency Loan Best Options: Emergency conditions can come in front of anyone at any time. In such a situation, money becomes a true companion and helps in fulfilling all your needs. In these situations, many times when the savings also fall short and in such a situation a person looks towards the option of a loan. Here we tell you some such ways by which you can easily arrange money for yourself in an emergency.

Advance Salary Loan

If you are employed, then you can choose the option of Advance Salary Loan. Many banks and financial institutions give advance salary loans to the employed. This loan can be up to three times your salary. One advantage of an advance salary loan is that you do not need much paperwork, loan can be easily taken by following some conditions. You can repay it in fixed intervals through EMI. But its interest rates are very high. A salary loan is available at an interest rate of about 24 to 30%.

Gold loan

If you have a lot of gold, then you can also take a loan against it. This is a convenient option, this is the reason why the market for gold loans has also grown very fast. Gold loans are cheaper than unsecured loans like personal loans, property loans, and corporate loans. Criteria for gold loans are very easy compared to all other loans. Credit score etc. do not matter much in this because you are given the loan amount according to the value of your gold. You get it on short notice.

Loan on car

When there is a need to arrange money in a very short time, your assets come in handy. If you have a car, you can take a loan on it by keeping it as security. For this, the applicant has to go to the website of the bank or finance company and fill out the loan application form in which details like car company, model, year of manufacturing, reason for taking a loan, etc. have to be given. Later, when asked, the necessary documents have to be submitted. A bank determines the loan amount after assessing the value of the car. However, there is a restriction in this, that is, if there are driving restrictions in the car model, then the bank can reject the loan application.

Loan on PPF-LIC

If you have invested in a long-term scheme and you do not want to close that scheme, then you can avail of the loan facility. You can easily get a loan on long-term schemes like PPF and LIC. It is also cheaper than a personal loan. However, you can apply for a loan on PPF only for 5 years. You get the facility of partial withdrawal from the sixth year.

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