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If old torn notes come out from ATM then know what to do with them.


Nowadays, almost all banking-related tasks can be completed sitting at home so that people do not need to go to banks. However, when one needs to withdraw money, one has to go to a bank or an ATM. Till now there is no such facility where a person can withdraw cash sitting at home.

However, it is often seen that while withdrawing money from the ATM, torn notes come out, in such a situation it is not understood what to do. If you withdraw money from an ATM and find torn old, or damaged notes, you can visit your bank to exchange them.

According to RBI rules, banks cannot refuse to exchange torn or damaged notes dispensed from ATMs. You can get your notes exchanged in a very short time.

For this, you will have to write an application form in which the date, time, and name of the ATM through which the transaction has been done and the slip issued from the ATM will have to be attached. If there is no slip, you will need to add a copy of the transaction received on your mobile.

After this, your bank will immediately replace your torn or damaged notes. According to RBI rules, if a bank refuses to do so, a fine of up to Rs 10,000 can be imposed on it.

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