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If a government employee asks for a bribe for work, then you can complain like this.


Corruption Complaint: If any of your work is stuck in a government office but a government employee is asking for a bribe from you, then in such a case you can complain. Know what is the method.

The world may be moving towards online things now. But there are still many such works for which people are responsible.

On the other hand, if we talk about most of the government work, then most of the work in the offices is still done through writing.

But getting work done in a government office is still a tough job. At the same time, many times people have to get the work done quickly. So in such a situation, government employees demand bribes.

Many times people do not give bribes to such employees. But there are many occasions where people give bribes out of compulsion.

If any of your government employees demand bribe for any work. Then you can complain about him.

For this, you can register a complaint by calling the toll free number 1064 of the Anti Corruption Unit from your phone.

If you want, you can also register a complaint in the Lokayukta office of your state. For this, you can call the state helpline. Or you can also complain to the Anti Corruption Branch of CBI.

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