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ICICI Update: ICICI Bank has issued a big update for its customers, if you make this mistake your account will be emptied...

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ICICI Bank has issued a notice warning all its customers. In this notice, the bank has asked to be cautious regarding Interactive Voice Response (IVR) calls.

ICICI Bank Update has also given some examples of scams related to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) calls.

There have been many cases in which cyber criminals used pre-recorded voice messages to defraud customers.

Through voice messages, cyber criminals asked customers to dial a number on the phone, after which cyber criminals could gain access to the customers' bank accounts.

This is how to identify a scam

Social Engineering – Scammers can collect customer information from social media before making a call, with the help of which the customer's trust can be won.

Urgent need: Scammers often create an environment of fear or pressure to defraud users. The user can also be threatened with legal action. In an environment of fear, banking information can be easily obtained from the user.

Auto-Voice System: Scammers use automated voice systems. With this system, credit card number, PIN, and CVV are asked.

Source that looks genuine – Scammers make false calls in the name of a bank or government agency to trap the user. So that, the user's trust can be won easily.

The bank has also shared some safety tips for its customers. With these safety tips, bank customers can stay safe from such scams.

Stay safe from scams like this

When you receive such a call, disconnect the call and call your bank yourself to confirm the information.

If an unknown caller tries to get sensitive information, do not trust him immediately. Avoid giving information.

Bank customers should not share their account number, card number, PIN-password, and OTP with any caller.

  What to do if you become a victim of a scam

Making customers aware, the bank has informed them that they should report such frauds on the National Cyber Crime portal. Fraud reports can also be made by calling number 1930. Apart from this, one can also talk to the bank customer care number 1800 1080.

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