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ICICI Update: Important update for ICICI Bank customers, this big change will happen from May 1..

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ICICI New Charges From 1 May 2024: Many major changes are made on the 1st of every month. Be it bank-related or other rules related to the common man's pocket. Meanwhile, if your account is also in ICICI Bank, then your pocket may get a big blow.

The bank has recently announced changes in fees in many of its services for its customers, which will be effective from May 1. Know which major changes are going to happen in ICICI from the first of next month?

Which charges will change?

The bank will not charge any fee for the first 25 check pages in a year but after that, the customers will have to pay Rs 4 for each page.

The bank will charge Rs 100 for issuing duplicate passbooks and Rs 25 for updation per page.

A fee of Rs 200 will be charged every year from customers living in regular areas and Rs 99 from those living in rural areas.

For any particular cheque, Rs 100 will have to be paid whereas this service will be free through customer service IVR and internet banking.

If the card is lost or damaged, the customer will have to pay Rs 200 to replace the card.

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The bank will charge Rs 100 per application from customers for photo and sign verification for savings accounts.

According to Visa rules, a 1.8 percent fee will be charged to customers on booking.

A fee of Rs 50 per transaction will be charged on cash deposited in cash acceptor/recycler machines between 6 pm and bank holidays.

Rs 2.50 will be charged on every transaction amount up to Rs 1,000, Rs 5 on every payment above and up to Rs 25,000, Rs 15 on every payment above Rs 25,000 and up to Rs 5 lakh.

For example, Rs 500 will be recovered a maximum of 3 times every month for the same government order.

Let us tell you that if cash is deposited in cash acceptor/recycler machines during bank holidays, fees will be applicable. The above fees will not be applicable on Senior Citizens, Basic Savings Bank Accounts, Jan Dhan Accounts, and Accounts of Visually Impaired Persons, Student Accounts, or any other account recognized by ICICI Bank.

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