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ICICI Update: ICICI Bank blocked thousands of cards, said- will give appropriate compensation to customers...

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Customers of the country's second-largest private ICICI Bank will be shocked to hear that the cards issued by the bank have allegedly reached the wrong people. It is a matter of relief that the bank has immediately taken cognizance of this and blocked the cards of all the users. The bank has also said that a new card will be issued to all users.

An ICICI Bank spokesperson told news agency IANS that 17,000 credit cards issued in the last few days have been mistakenly mapped to the wrong users in the bank's digital channel. The spokesperson said, “As an immediate measure, we have blocked these cards and are issuing new cards to customers. We apologize for this inconvenience caused to customers.”

The bank also said that the number of affected credit cards is “approximately 0.1% of the bank's credit card portfolio”. The spokesperson said, “No case of misuse of any of the cards in this set has come to our attention. However, we assure you that the bank will provide appropriate compensation to the customer in case of any financial loss.”

Everything is visible on the ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app!

Earlier in the day, various reports were saying that ICICI Bank customers were claiming on social media that they were able to see the credit card details. You can even see their full name and card verification value (CVV).

On the Technofino forum, some customers even claimed to be able to see the complete card number, expiry date, and CVV of unknown people. He claimed that he was able to see all this through the ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app. Let us tell you that number, name, expiry date, and CVV are sensitive data and fraud is also possible by using them together.

A person claimed that domestic transactions are blocked due to OTP verification, but he can do international transactions with the card. “I gained access to someone else's Amazon Pay CC due to a security breach on the mobile app. “Though the OTP restricts to domestic transactions, I can do international transactions using the details from the mobile app.”

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