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How will the registration of the CNG bike be done, and what color number plate will be available?


CNG Bike Registration: People have many questions in their minds about CNG bikes. Is there a different process for its registration? Is the number plate of a CNG bike of a different color? Let us tell you.

CNG Bike Registration: Due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel, people are now looking for other options. This is the reason why people are now turning towards CNG. Talking about cars. In the last few years, people have been buying more CNG cars. The same is going to happen in the case of bikes as well. The world's first CNG bike was launched in India a few days ago on July 5.

The name of this bike launched by Bajaj company is Bajaj Freedom which is of 125cc. Booking for the purchase of this bike has started. Now the question coming in the minds of people is how the registration of CNG bikes is done. Is there a different process for this. The color of the number plate on the CNG bike is different from that of a normal bike. Let us tell you.

The registration process is normal

Bajaj has launched Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG bike in India. Now people will not be troubled by the rising price of petrol. Many people are wondering whether there is a separate process for the registration of CNG bikes in India. How is the registration of a CNG bike done? So let us tell you that no separate information has been issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India regarding this.

That is, its registration is done by the Road Transport Office just like any normal bike. You will not need to follow any other process separately. However, there may be some changes in the documents and the registration charges may be slightly different. You will be able to get more information about this only by going to the RTO office.

What color will the number plate be?

The number plate of normal vehicles is white in color. So the number plate of electric vehicles is of green colour. That is why now people are wondering what kind of number plate electric bikes will have. So let us tell you that the Regional Transport Office (RTO) has not issued any different type of number plate for CNG vehicles which also includes bikes. That is, the number plate which is on normal bikes, you will see the same number plate on CNG bikes as well.

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