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How to hide your Whatsapp display pictures from unknown callers, know here


WhatsApp, a quick message service platform among smartphone users, which has around 2.4 billion users worldwide, has constantly upgraded the application for better user engagement. With several security and privacy features being added for a secure experience, the platform is introducing another security feature for profile photos. App users will be able to manually hide their profile photos froma being viewed by unknown people.

To maintain the privacy and security of users, the application has made several updates on the platform. Some time ago, WhatsApp blocked the feature of taking screenshots of profile photos. Now no one can take a screenshot of any profile photo from your contact list.

If you need to hide your WhatsApp profile photo from unknown people/callers, you can now do it easily. Here is the complete process to be followed:

How to hide your profile photo in WhatsApp?

Open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone.

Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the app
There, click on the Settings option.
Under Settings, go to the Account option.
There, you have to choose the Privacy option.
Click on the Profile Photo option, where you will find 4 options: Everyone, My Contacts, My Contacts except.., Nobody.
If you don't want unknown callers to see your display picture, you have to choose the My Contacts option, which will restrict your picture to only the numbers saved in your phonebook.

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