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How to Check if Your Gas Cylinder Has Expired, Click Here To Know


Knowing the expiry date of your gas cylinder is crucial for safety. You can easily find out the expiry date by looking at the alphanumeric number written on the strip of the cylinder. Here’s how you can decode these numbers and determine the expiry date.

Decoding the Expiry Date on Gas Cylinders

Understanding the Alphanumeric Code

Gas cylinders often have alphanumeric codes like A-25, B-25, C-24, D-26 written on their strips. These codes indicate the expiry date of the cylinder.

Breaking Down the Code

  • Letters (A, B, C, D): Indicate the quarters of the year.
    • A: January, February, March
    • B: April, May, June
    • C: July, August, September
    • D: October, November, December
  • Numbers (25, 24, 26, etc.): Indicate the year.


If the code B-25 is written on the strip of a cylinder, it means that the cylinder will expire in the second quarter (April, May, June) of the year 2025.

Steps to Check the Expiry Date

  1. Locate the Alphanumeric Code: Find the strip on your gas cylinder that has the alphanumeric code.
  2. Read the Letters: Identify which quarter the letters (A, B, C, D) refer to.
  3. Read the Numbers: Identify the year indicated by the numbers following the letters.
  4. Determine Expiry Date: Combine the information from the letters and numbers to determine the expiry date.

Example Walkthrough

  • Code: B-25
    • B: April, May, June
    • 25: Year 2025
    • Expiry Date: The cylinder expires between April and June 2025.

Importance of Checking the Expiry Date

Using an expired gas cylinder can be dangerous as it may lead to leaks or other safety hazards. Regularly checking the expiry date ensures that you are using a safe and reliable cylinder.

By understanding and decoding the alphanumeric codes on your gas cylinder, you can easily determine its expiry date and ensure safe usage. Regularly check your cylinder’s expiry date to avoid any potential risks and replace it as needed

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