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How to Change Damaged Note: If mutilated notes come out from ATM then don't worry, you can exchange it like this..

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It often happens to us that when we pay for any item or service in the market, shopkeepers refuse to accept the note due to mutilated note exchange rules or damage. Because of this you have accumulated mutilated and damaged notes. So you don't need to take tension. You can easily change your mutilated notes, about which we are going to tell you in this report.

According to RBI rules, such notes can be easily exchanged at the bank. In return, the bank replaces your bad note except under certain conditions. For this, circulars are also issued by RBI from time to time.

Know where you can exchange notes

For this, you can easily change the notes by going to your nearest bank branch or RBI office. Banks cannot deny this. However, a limit has been set for this. According to RBI rules, a person can exchange only a maximum of 20 notes at a time. Also, their value should not exceed Rs 5000.

Banks do not change these notes

Whenever you go to exchange notes, the bank always checks the condition while exchanging bank notes. If the note is deliberately torn, completely burnt, and broken into more pieces, it cannot be replaced. Such notes can be deposited in the issuing office of RBI only. To get more information related to changing notes, you can give a missed call to RBI helpline 14440.

What to do if you get a bad note from an ATM?

If a torn note comes out while withdrawing money from an ATM. You have to go to that bank (which has an ATM). You will have to go there and write an application and give information related to the transaction by putting an ATM slip. If the slip has not been issued from the ATM, then you can also give the details of the SMS received on the mobile, after which the note will be easily changed.

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