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How to ask questions to Meta AI on WhatsApp? Know the process of using it here


WhatsApp's parent company Meta has created several options for Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology enables users to use AI while WhatsApp provides the convenience of using it with AI and its integration inside the app. This feature of WhatsApp is proving to be very effective in connecting people all over the world and helps users to find answers to any question easily. Currently, these features are only available in certain countries, and may not be available on your phone.

How does Meta AI work?

When you type in the search bar, results are displayed in your chat, along with questions you can ask Meta AI. Meta AI doesn't engage with your messages unless you ask it a question. You can continue to use the search feature on WhatsApp and search messages, photos, videos, links, GIFs, audios, polls, and documents in the search bar as before. This does not cause any harm to your private chat.

How to search through Meta AI?

Tap the search field at the top of your chat list.

Tap the suggested prompt or type your prompt and then press Send.

As you type your prompt, you'll see search suggestions in a section where you can ask Meta AI questions.

If prompted, read and accept the Terms of Service.

Tap a search suggestion.

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