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Home Loan Tips: Know these important things before transferring a home loan, you will not regret it later..

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If you have taken a home loan and are struggling with high interest rates, you can consider transferring your home loan to another bank. This can help you reduce interest rates. Balance transfer involves transferring a home loan from one financial institution to another to avail of better interest rates and additional benefits.

Borrowers often adopt this strategy during increased expenses or inflation, as it increases interest rates. However, before switching home loans, you need to do some special homework before transferring your home loan.

Negotiate for a lower interest rate-
Before any decision on home loan balance transfer, try to negotiate for a lower interest rate with your existing bank or financial institution. If you have maintained a good relationship with the bank, they may be more willing to consider your credit history and repayment capacity favorably.

Check your credit/CIBIL score-
Before applying for a home loan transfer, make sure to review your score. These scores serve as an important eligibility factor for your transfer application. A low credit score can significantly impact your transfer application, indicating that you may not be as eligible for a transfer.

Check the charges involved-
When considering a loan from a financial institution, it is important to know about the additional charges involved. If you are thinking of transferring your home loan to another lender, you may face various charges including processing fees, application charges, administration fees, review fees, and more. This applies to both your existing bank and the new bank. According to ICICI Direct, always ensure that the total amount you will pay is less than your interest amount.

Read the terms and conditions carefully-
While applying for a home loan, most people ignore the home loan terms and conditions section. This can be a crucial mistake as this section contains all the important information that needs to be carefully considered. One important thing, is if you are close to completing the loan term or if you are planning to sell the property in the future, it is generally advisable to avoid transferring your loan.

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