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Home Loan EMI- Has there been a delay in giving home loan EMI, then know about the rules related to it.


Friends, today to fulfill any need in life, whether you want to buy a house, car, marriage, or any other need, you turn to a personal loan, which is easily available to you. Individuals face challenges in paying their equated monthly installments (EMIs). The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently introduced rules aimed at addressing this issue, which will provide relief to struggling borrowers.

Increasing trend of unsecured loans:

A recent report from the Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL) has highlighted a worrying trend. The report shows that there is a growing trend towards taking unsecured loans, especially in the form of credit card spending. This trend underlines the need for regulatory intervention to effectively manage debt levels.

RBI Guidelines for Loan Restructuring:

Recognizing the challenges faced by borrowers in meeting loan repayment obligations, RBI has introduced comprehensive guidelines. These guidelines provide significant relief to individuals struggling with loan payments. One of the key provisions allows loan restructuring, giving borrowers additional time and flexibility to repay their loans.

Flexible Loan Restructuring Options:

Under RBI guidelines, borrowers who are facing difficulty in repaying their EMIs can opt for loan restructuring. This process enables individuals to adjust the repayment amount and schedule according to their financial circumstances.

The loan restructuring option provides immediate relief to borrowers struggling with EMI burden. By availing of this option, individuals can avoid the consequences of defaulting on their loans, protecting their credit history and financial health.

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