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Heatwave: Gadgets like laptops and mobiles are getting hot in the scorching heat, take care of them like this..

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In recent days, there have been reports of many mobiles, laptops, and ACs catching fire. At this time, there is severe heat in the country. The temperature is reaching 50 degrees. This is also affecting electronic gadgets. It is also possible that tomorrow one of your gadgets may catch fire due to heat. In such a situation, it is very important to take care of them. Let us understand the reason behind the heating of gadgets and also know the way to keep them safe....

Why do electronic gadgets get hot?
Generally, all electronic products and gadgets get hot when used, but when the outside temperature is already hot, then these gadgets get excessively hot, although these gadgets have a cooling system they also fail in excessive heat. After that they catch fire. Many times, due to excessive heat, the internal parts get damaged and then due to a short circuit, a fire breaks out.

Major reasons for device overheating
Ventilation: Gadgets like laptops and TVs are designed in such a way that ventilation remains, that is, there is space for air to come and go. We also have to take care of this. The same is the case with smartphones. We usually use a cover on smartphones, but sometimes in hot weather, we should remove it.

Continuous use: If you use any gadget or device continuously for a long time, then heat is generated in it. This heat is generated more when there is pressure on the device and this pressure is more during heavy tasks like gaming and video editing.

Outdoor temperature: If you are using the device at a place where the outside temperature is very high, then you have to cool your device. If the sun is strong, then you should avoid using a mobile or laptop outdoors.

Dirt: Sometimes gadgets like smartphones, AC, and laptops also catch fire due to dirt. Therefore, cleanliness should be taken care of.

How to cool a hot device?

If you feel that your device is getting too hot, then stop using it for a while.

If there are a lot of problems, then remove the device from charging and turn it off.

If the mobile or laptop is getting hot due to many apps or tabs being open, then close the apps and close the tabs.
Use a cooling pad or stand for the laptop.

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