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Health Insurance: Health insurance claims of all companies will be available in one place, government is launching a new portal..

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Now you will not have to wait much for a health insurance claim. Soon all health insurance claims will be processed by hospitals and insurance companies through the single window National Health Claim Exchange i.e. NHCX. This will make your claim settlement process faster.

Health Ministry sources said that NHCX developed by the National Health Authority (NHA) is ready and its trial is currently going on. Sources said, “The portal is likely to be available across India from the time of launch. “The government has initially linked about 50 insurance companies and 250 hospitals to it and gradually more hospitals and insurance providers will join it.”

Workshops and meetings with representatives of insurance companies and hospitals

Before preparing the NHCX portal, NHA held workshops and meetings with representatives of various insurance companies and hospitals. After this, the NHCX portal has been prepared.

Health insurance claims through single platform

Insurance companies have different portals, making it cumbersome for hospitals, patients, and other parties to settle claims. In such a situation, once the government's NHCX is started, health insurance claims will be processed through a single platform. Hospitals and insurance companies will check on this platform and this will speed up the claim process.

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