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Have you got a confirmed train ticket? So you will get these 6 big benefits, check the details


Indian Railways is reportedly the fourth largest railway network with over 22,593 operational trains, with a daily passenger count of 24 million. In India, the train is the cheapest mode of transport as it covers long distances at low fares compared to other modes of transport.

It is not only the cheapest mode of transport, but the Railways also provide various facilities to passengers with the aim of making their journey smooth and hassle-free. If you are traveling by train with a confirmed ticket, you are eligible to use your ticket and get many benefits. Most of us know that tickets are useful only for travel, but it is not so. Tickets can provide many benefits, about which most of us are unaware. Senior Divisional Commercial Manager (DCM) of Ranchi Railway Division, Nishant Kumar said that confirmed tickets have many uses. One can use it to avail of various benefits like food and emergency medical care.

One simply needs to be aware of the features or benefits and how to avail them. Below are some of the key benefits that you can avail if you have a confirmed train ticket:

If you have a confirmed train ticket and need a hotel to stay, then you can use IRCTC's Dormitory, where you can get a room at a very cheap price i.e. just Rs 150 for 24 hours.

Pillows, bedsheets, and blankets are available in AC 1, 2, and 3 on the train. All these facilities are available free of cost. If you do not have these things on your seat and need them while traveling in an AC compartment, then you can ask for all these things by showing your train ticket, and most importantly, you will not have to pay any extra money for it.

If you feel ill or have any emergency while traveling by train, you can avail some minor medical facilities. However, you will have to inform any RPF personnel on the train. If you wish, you can dial 139 to get immediate first aid. If the train does not have the facility you require, it will be arranged at the next railway station.

If you have booked a ticket to travel in some premium trains like Rajdhani Express, Duronto Express, or Shatabdi Express and the train is delayed by more than 2 hours, you will also get free food from the IRCTC canteen by showing your ticket. If you are not given free food, you can complain by dialing 139.

All railway stations have the facility of locker room and cloakroom and if a railway passenger has a confirmed train ticket, he can keep his luggage in this locker room and cloakroom for about a month. But, for this, you will have to pay Rs 50 to 100 for 24 hours.

Passengers can take a rest in AC or non-AC waiting rooms after deboarding the train or before boarding the train. To avail of this facility free of cost, a person will have to show his confirmed ticket.

Complain here:

If you have a confirmed train ticket but you are facing a problem in availing of all the above benefits or facilities, you can immediately register your complaint by dialing 139 (helpline number). After calling this number, you will be provided immediate help from the Railways.