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Government Scheme: After graduation, you will also get the benefit of this government scheme, know-how


The government is working on many types of schemes for the youth across the country so that they can do something after their studies. Also, if they do not get a job for some time, then the government runs a scheme to help them, which is called Mukhyamantri Yuva Internship Yojana, which is run by the Madhya Pradesh government.

Mukhyamantri Yuva Internship Scheme

The Madhya Pradesh government has started the Chief Minister Yuva Internship Scheme, under which the selected youth will get to take advantage of this scheme, they will be given Rs 8000 per month as a stipend. 15 interns will be appointed in every development block, similarly, a total of 4695 interns will be taken in 313 development blocks.

How to register

For this, registration will be done both online and offline. If you want to register online, then you can visit its official website. After applying online, a merit list will be prepared, and people who are included in the merit list will be called for an interview, after this, those who are successful in the interview will be selected for internship.

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