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Google Wallet vs Google Pay: What is the difference between Google Wallet and Google Pay, and how are they different from each other...

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Google has recently launched Google Wallet in India. Before India, it was available globally. It has been launched in India only after the success of Google Wallet in other countries. Its number of downloads on Google Play Store is seen to be more than 5 lakhs. Since the launch of Google Wallet, users have been in a dilemma as to whether this is the beginning of the closure of Google Pay. Let us try to understand how Google Pay and Google Wallet are different from each other.

What is the difference between Google Pay and Google Wallet?

The Indian version of Google Wallet is quite different from the global version. In the Indian version, bank cards cannot be added and payments cannot be made, whereas in the global version, payments can be made and bank cards can also be added. Google Wallet has been made available only for Android users while Google Pay is available for everyone.

To use Google Wallet, you have to log in with your Google account. After that, your flight booking tickets, movie tickets, vouchers, etc. will start appearing in it. The most special thing about Google Wallet is that it will give real-time updates about the flight and will also give reminders in case of delay.

There are many rewards programs along with Google Wallet. Google Wallet has not partnered with Indian Railways, so railway tickets will not be stored in it at present. Google Wallet has the feature of scanning barcodes and QR codes. BMW car owners can save their digital car key in it.

Talking about Google Pay is completely a complete payment app. With this, you can make any kind of payment. UPI payment can be done by linking the bank account with the Google Pay app but there is no such facility in Google Wallet. You can also make payments by adding a credit card in Google Pay. So overall, Google Pay is a digital payment app and Google Wallet is a digital wallet.

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