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Google users had fun and will be able to download multiple apps simultaneously on Play Stores


Till now, whenever we downloaded any app from the Google Play Store, only one app was downloaded at a time. But now Google has given a big gift to its users. You can now download two apps from the Google Play Store at once. Additionally, you can also update multiple apps at once.

According to a report by 9To5Google, Google has completed testing this new feature and has rolled it out. Earlier when you used to download any app, downloading of the next app would start only after one app was downloaded. But with the arrival of this new feature, your work will become much easier.

How does this feature work?

You will come to know about this feature when you open the Google Play Store on your phone. When you click to install two or more apps the downloading of two apps will start simultaneously and you will see the third app pending. In this way, you can easily download multiple Android apps. You can also check how it works on your phone. This feature will also come in handy if you buy a new Android phone or tablet as you can download multiple apps at once.

Recently a new thing has been seen on Google Play Store. Some users in India have seen Google Wallet on the Play Store, although no announcement has been made yet regarding Google Wallet. Some people have speculated that Google is testing its wallet in India.

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