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Google Update: Visual and sound effects will be visible and heard when calling from Google app, activate it like this..

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Google recently introduced a new feature for Android users that shows fun audio and visual emojis during phone calls. A new feature called "Audio Emoji" has been added to the Google Phone app. It allows users to send sound effects during calls, which aims to make audio chats more fun. The Audio Emoji feature only works when the phone is in speaker mode. Also, there is a slight gap between the time of sending emojis to maintain the flow of conversation during calls. The feature is currently made available to beta testers and may make its way to the stable app over time.

Initially spotted by 9to5Google, the Audio Emoji feature is currently made available for beta testing among select users in the Google Phone app's beta program. If you are a beta tester, you can now use this feature in your Google Phone app. The video shared by the tech website shows how users can select emojis during a call and the emoji pops on the screen with an animation with funny visual and audio effects.

It currently has six select emojis added, including sad, applause, celebration, laughter, drumroll and poop. The feature has been in development since last year and is finally available in the latest beta version (version 128) of the Google Phone app.

As we mentioned, the audio emoji feature only works when the phone is in speaker mode. Also, you cannot send emojis one after the other immediately. Google has reportedly kept a slight gap between sending two emojis to maintain the flow of conversation. If you are also a beta tester and use the latest Google Phone app, then this is how you have to use Audio Emoji:-

Go to 'Settings' of your phone app.

Tap on the General section here.

Now tap on Audio Emojis.

Tap on the toggle to enable the feature here.

Once activated, users will see a button for Audio Emoji on the screen during calling.

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