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Google Update: Google's security is now better than before, with the update it will become easier to use 2-step verification..

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User security has always been an important issue for Google. The company keeps trying continuously to improve it. Continuing this trend, Google has released a major update for its 2-factor Authentication (2FA) process.

This is a new way to enable 2FA setup using Google Authenticator or 'Step 2' of hardware security. However, before adding the Authenticator app, users have to provide their phone number. Let us know about it.

Information found in a blog post

     In its Workspace Update blog post, Google has informed us that we are making it easier for users. The company explained how users can turn on 2-Step Verification (2SV). This will streamline the process and make it easier for admins to implement their 2SV.

     With the new update, OTP-based verification will no longer be required for 2FA. This means that users can either choose a time-based code generated by the verification application or they can connect a physical security key.

How the feature works

     Let us tell you that users with hardware security keys will have two options to link their account on the 'Passkey and Security Key page'.

     Users can either choose the 'Security Key' method to register FIDO1 credentials on a security key or they can create a passkey and follow the instructions to 'Use another device'. It registers a FIDO2 credential on the security key. In this, the user will have to use the key's PIN for local verification.

     Google says that if users choose not to use a password when signing in using a passkey, users will continue to be asked for their password along with their passkey. However, if a user turns off two-step verification from their account settings, their enrollment for other steps like backup code, Google Authenticator, or 2-factor phone will not be automatically removed from their account.

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