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Google Play Store: 'Government badge' will be installed on government apps, there will be no frau


Cases of online fraud are increasing rapidly in India. Apps play an important role in these online frauds. As a result, Google has taken a new initiative in India. In this regard, Google has introduced a badge for government apps, which will now be displayed on government apps to identify them.

Google continuously takes steps to prevent fraud through its apps. It deletes fake apps from its Play Store. Therefore, launching badges for government apps is an important initiative of Google to prevent cyber fraud from happening through Google Apps.

Which apps will have the government badge?

To prevent such fraud in India, Google has specifically arranged for official recognition of government apps. Now, government apps will display a government badge on the Play Store, allowing users to identify the apps. According to the company, this new government badge includes 2000 apps from countries like India, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Indonesia, Mexico etc.

In India, the Voter Helpline, DigiLocker, mAadhaar, eParivahan, and other apps will also display this badge. Also, now users can download two apps simultaneously from the Google Play Store. Previously, only one app could be downloaded at a time.

Downloading another app involves waiting for the previous app to download. Now most smartphones allow downloading two apps simultaneously. Users can download up to three apps from the Apple App Store at once.

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