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Google Meet Update: Now there will be no problem in joining meetings while traveling in Google Meet...

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Google keeps giving exciting features to its users from time to time. In such a situation, a new feature has come in Google Meet, which will provide a lot of convenience to the users. Google Meet is a famous meeting app, so whenever any new feature comes here, people get very excited. With the help of this feature, users can easily switch between two different devices during a call. Before the introduction of this feature, users had to first end the call on one device and then connect with the call on the other device.

The new feature will work on both accounts

According to Google, this feature has been prepared for both workplace and personal accounts. In a blog post, Google said that during a call on Google Meet, you can easily transfer between two devices. With the help of the Switch Hair feature, calls can be switched between two different devices without any interruption. According to the company, this feature will be visible to the users while joining the meeting. With the help of this new feature, users will not be left behind in receiving any kind of special messages and information without any worry.

This feature will prove convenient for such users

Under Google's new feature, users can open the meeting link on any other device. Users will get the option to switch hair during this period. However, earlier users had the option to join. This great feature of Google Meet will prove to be very convenient for those people who join any online meeting while traveling. Often people stay away from their PC while traveling, in such a situation the Switch Hair feature can prove to be very useful. The new feature of Google Meet will be available for free to Google Workspace members. Also, users with personal accounts can take advantage of this.

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