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Google Maps Update: Google Maps will no longer store user history, new update is coming..

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If you also use Google Maps and are worried about your map history, then there is good news for you. We are saying this because the privacy of Google Maps is going to get better now. Google is now making new plans regarding location data.

According to a new report, user data will no longer be stored in Google Maps. Earlier, the user's location history was stored on the Google Maps server, but now the history data will be stored on the user's device i.e. phone. Google Maps has also changed the name of Location History to Timeline. The date for releasing this feature of Google has been fixed as December 1, 2024.

Benefits of the new update of Google Maps
This feature of Google Maps is for privacy. There is a risk of data being leaked due to the data being on the server, but this risk is reduced after being stored on the device. Many times, users are unable to see their location history due to a weak network, but after being stored on the device, there will be no need for the network to see the history.

Google has also introduced end-to-end encryption for Maps, which is a new security layer for users' data. Currently, this feature is being released only for the app. There is no information yet as to whether it will be released for the web version or not.

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