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Google Map Update: A big update coming in Google Maps, accurate information about EV charging stations will be available...

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The electric vehicle (EV) market in India is not yet like that of foreign countries, but it is growing rapidly. Like diesel and petrol, charging stations are also going to be required for electric vehicles. Charging stations for electric vehicles have been built in many big cities and are being built in other cities, but people are not able to easily get information about where these stations are. Now Google is updating its maps, after which you will get information about charging stations in Google Maps itself.

A new report claims that Google is beta-testing for charging station feature for electric vehicles. A public update of Google Maps will be released after the beta test is completed. After the update, users will be able to apply filters for charging stations in Google Maps.

This feature of Google Maps is being tested on Android apps. After the introduction of this feature, while using the maps, users will get the option of vehicle type, that is, you will be able to tell the maps what kind of vehicle you are driving. After that “Electric” has to be selected.

After selecting this, you will start seeing nearby charging stations. AI has also been supported with Google Maps and this AI will give information about charging stations. Google is also preparing to provide information about electric vehicle charging stations in real time and its beta testing is also going on.

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