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Google Hacks- Have you done this search on Google, then it can be expensive, let's know about it


If anyone wants to know about anything today, then he goes to the world's largest search engine Google Search, which answers any of your questions, but if you search for unwanted things on Google, then this information is for you. Some surprising and funny search results will show, let's know about them.

Fungus on Google

You must be wondering how the fungus can appear on Google. If you search for "The Last of Us" on Google, a mushroom icon will appear on the screen. Tapping on this mushroom will cause a fungus to appear on your screen and start growing.

Bear Takeover

Like the fungus effect, if you search for "Drop Bear" on Google, you will see a bear icon. Clicking on this icon will cause a bear to fall from the top of your screen with a loud sound and explosion.

BTS Balloons

For BTS fans, searching for "BTS" on Google will show a heart icon in the right corner of the screen. Clicking on this heart will release balloons that will fill your screen.

Coin Flip

Search "coin flip" on Google. This will bring up a virtual coin that you can flip right on your screen, making it a convenient and fun way to pass the time or make decisions.

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