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Google Gemini Tips: No need to download App for Google Gemini! Use it like this in Google Messages..

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Google's AI chatbot can now be used through Google Messages as well.

Yes, even if you don't have the Gemini app on your phone, you can still use the Gemini chatbot. In this article, we are telling you about the way to use Gemini-

How to use Gemini in Google Messages
First of all, you have to open Google Messages on Android phones.

Now you have to tap on Start Chat.

Here, in the new conversation, the Gemini option will appear before all the contacts.

You have to tap on Gemini.

Now, with the chat page open, you can talk to Gemini AI.

What can Gemini be used for?

Text Generation
Google's generative language model can be used to generate text. This AI chatbot can create code, poems, music, and emails.

Language Translation
Language can be translated using Google Gemini. Google Gemini can translate more than 100 languages. You can type and send text in any language and get this text translated into your language.

Google Search
Google Gemini can be used like Google Search. Questions searched on Google can now be asked directly from the chatbot.

If you are researching any topic, then Gemini can be used to get answers to different questions related to this research.

Mail Draft
Mail draft can be done with the help of Gemini on Google Message.

Gemini can be used in Hindi.
Google Gemini can also be used in Hindi. However, the facility to generate images is not available with Gemini right now.

If you are not able to use Google Gemini in Google Message, then you can update your messaging app from the Play Store.

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